Frequently Asked Questions

For family law cases it is $450.00, for all other cases the consultation is free.

Unfortunately the length of time that a case takes is completely dependent on the individual facts and circumstances related to your specific situation.  The initial consultation is a great way to get a general idea of the length, after the attorney hears your information and explains the process to you.

Unfortunately there is no way to completely answer that.  The total cost of a case is completely dependent upon the individual facts and circumstances surrounding your specific situation.  During your initial consultation you should get a basic idea of the costs involved.

Our law firm is very knowledgeable of all of the fine judges that are in our District.

Our law firm prides itself on communication with our clients.  The attorneys ensure that our clients feel that one-on-one connection with the attorneys.

That is a loaded question as there is typically more involved than just the piece of paper that says “You Are Divorced!!!”  However, if you have been physically separated from your spouse for at least one year then you may be eligible to file for divorce.

It is great that you agree, it certainly makes it easier.  There are options that are available that can reduce the agreement to writing so that both parties are protected.  This can be done in many ways and the consultation is a great way to get this information, but typically an attorney is necessary to effectuate this happening.

You can expect to receive competent legal advice regarding your specific situation.  Additionally, you should leave with a general idea on the cost and time investment involved.   All your questions will be addressed and you should leave feeling prepared for whatever comes next.